This yard, off to the side of the Saloon and main patio, offers enough space to host all your fun outdoor activities. With picnic tables and optional outdoor games, this green and spacious area is sure to please all friends and family. Best experienced in the summer time, you won't want to miss out! Check it out!

Is this space included in my rental?

Of course! Our great green space comes at no extra cost! This outdoor space is perfect for those summer-time parties, a place for the kids to run around, or even the rustic backdrop to a beautiful wedding reception!

What can I do with the space?

Add some of our outdoor games, set up your own, or simply leave it as is! It's the perfect space to let the kids run around!

Can I hang decorations from the tree?

As long as they don't hurt our trees, you can hang your piñata or any other decorations to complete the space!

What if I don't want anyone in the yard?

That's no problem! We can partition off the patio so there's no access to the yard!

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